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In The Shadows

Damned by gods and threaded by fates, two mortals must embrace the darkness to find their true destinies.

Lilith Clarke is supposed to be dead: murdered by the vicious King Oren, her blood staining a field of daisies. But death would have been merciful.

After years of having no name, she is finally given a title: Queen of Umbra. But it will cost her everything. Lily is now bound to King Asher, the most powerful and brutal shadow divinus in all of Omnia. Forced to rule in secret, she slowly loses herself to the darkness. She fears it will swallow her whole.

Until he arrives, tugging an ancient thread deep within her soul.

Theodore Kincaid seeks justice in Umbra but falls captive to his sworn enemy, the ruthless King Asher. Trapped in the kingdom that killed his beloved, his fate seems sealed until a chance encounter with the secret Queen of Umbra offers him an opportunity he can’t resist.


Theo and the Queen each believe that they are in full control, but neither is prepared for what the fates have in store.

Amidst a realm on the brink of chaos, two souls collide in a heart-wrenching tale of unveiling secrets, conquering the darkness, and igniting a love that could save or destroy.

In The Shadows is the first book in a new series filled with forbidden romance, enemies-to-lovers, magical powers, fated mates, and political intrigue. It’s perfect for fans of The Serpent and the Wings of Night, Fourth Wing, The Cruel Prince, One Dark Window, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

In The Shadows features mature content and themes that are not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. For all content warnings, please visit L.B.’s Instagram.

Content/Trigger Warnings

In The Shadows is an adult dark fantasy romance containing content not suitable or appropriate for all readers. Please read responsibly.

This book contains general content warnings for strong language, violence, graphic descriptions, and trauma.

The list below provides more specific content warnings with corresponding chapters. This does not guarantee you will not read or experience any of these potential triggers. However, this may act as a reference guide. Your well-being is important, so please use caution while reading potential triggers


Chapter 1

Chapter 8 (flashback)

Chapter 10 (off page)

Chapter 12

Chapter 15

Chapter 17

Chapter 26 (flashback)

Chapter 31

Chapter 36 (death)

Chapter 37

Attempted Sexual Assault

Chapter 3

Chapter 17

Chapter 26 (flashback)


Chapter 38


Chapter 2 (flashback)

Chapter 15

Chapter 26

Chapter 31

Detailed Sex Scenes

Chapter 4

Chapter 13

Chapter 23

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 38

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