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You can call me L.B. or Lys

Born and raised in Ohio, where she still resides with her spouse, young child, and sweet senior dog, L.B. August’s most significant memories are Cedar Point and failing Hooked on Phonics (true story). Thrill seeking and difficulty reading followed L.B. into adulthood until, in 2022, she discovered a genre that tapped into the excitement of escapism and world building while capturing her attention and turning her into a voracious reader of fantasy. As she devoured book after book, L.B. found herself desperately wanting to read more empowered female characters within the genre, so she set off to write her own. Encouraged by her best friend, she wrote her debut novel, In The Shadows. Now she can be found hyper-fixating on new projects, downing copious amounts of black coffee, and pretending to be a corporate professional, all while crafting intricate, rich stories with captivating characters that she hopes will pass on her newfound passion for reading.

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